Encapsulated transformers Encapsulated transformers

The HR encapsulated transformers guarantee the reliability of your electronic applications, due to their design and manufacture that the know-how HR vouches for in its long and recognized history of the technology of high tension.

The wide range of HR transformers cover all the applications: pimaries of 115 V, 230 V, 380 V or doubles fo 115 V and secondaries of 4,5V to 24V simples, doubles or center tapped. With power between 0.35 VA to 20VA and for ambient temperatures about 40° C or 70° C and termic classes B or F on demand.

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Toroidal transformers Toroidal transformers

HR toroidal transformers are specially indicated for reduced space applications and low magnetic radiation. Its easy assembling process is one of its main characteristics.

HR toroidal transformers standard range goes from 20VA to 3000VA. Its secondary dual configuration and its extensive voltage range allow you to arrange any voltage you may need by means of series of parallel assembling.

Its compact constitution allows volume and weight reduction close to the 50% with regard to type EI conventional transformers.

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Conventional transformers Conventional transfomers

HR conventional transformers in their diferent configuration of secondary simple, dual secondary or center tapped are the perfect version for its assembling in chassis and metallic boxes.

HR technology managed to improve considerably this classic product: optimizing its energy yield, improving the transformer's issolation, and increasing its reliability notably.

The standard range goes from 2.5VA to 18VA and the primary is the center tapped type (125v-220v) and the secondary can be: simple, dual, center tapped for 4.5v - 6v - 7.5V - 9v - 12v - 15v - 18v -24v voltages.

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Ignition transformers Ignition transformers

HR Ignition transformers guarantee internal isolation thanks to its resine encapsulated Epoxy 94V-0 and allow its funcionality under high humidity external conditions.

In printed circuit version or superior chimney exit version allow its use in gas ignition, gasoil, cleaning by air ionization or electronic ozonizers applications.

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Switch mode transformers Switch mode transformers

The new exigencies in the applications where the size, height and efficiency of power supply have priority, make these transformers the most suitable for an optimal working in high frequency application that goes from 30KHz to 500KHz and powers that can arrive around 1kW.

These transformers are available in several series as E, EF, EP, ETD, PQ etc... depending on the needs of the design. They are appropriated for Flyback, Forward, Push-pull topologies used in a big variety of applications like Domotics, industrials, lighting....

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Mains filters and PFC Coils Mains filters and PFC Coils

Net filters of diferent formats for consumer and professional applications which will facilitate the optimization of radiation suppression circuits.

P.F.C. coils (power factor control) of essential use in the switch mode power supply circuits.

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ADSL splitters and filters ADSL splitters and filters

Complete range of ADSL splitters for conventional lines (POTS), RDSI, combined, and for resistive or complex line impedances, covering the different standards from telephone companies all arround the world.

ST version includes Switch and Test system, which allows the verification of voice and data lines.

ADSL microfilters have different connection formats (simple, T, alarm) as well as different line impedances.

AM filters to avoid radio transmitter connection to the phone line.

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Flybacks Flybacks

Efiter have the technologies used nowadays like multilayer and slot types. As well as modern production lines that allows us to guarantee the quality required by our customers.

Our wide range of own moulds, allow us cover the world spare part market. Efiter can supply HR transformer replacing more than 20.000 original references

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_("LCD Inveters") LCD Inverters

Modified and Pure Sine-Wave Inverters for all kind of applications where there is no access to the electrical net.

High range of products to adapt to every application needs.

  • For battery entries tension of 12/24V DC.
  • High variety of output power according to the application needs.
  • Domestic ranges, MODIFIED and PURE SINE WAVE.
  • Professional ranges, MODIFIED and PURE SINE WAVE.

See the product specifications in order to find the most suitable one for your application, or consult to our technical service.

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SMD (Surface Mount Device) SMD (Surface Mount Device)

Surface Mount Devices availables in several series as filters, inductors, power inductors for all kind of LCD screen application, satellite receivers, audio systems, mobile telephony, notebooks, power supplies...

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Switch mode power supply Switch mode power supply

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS, Electronics transformers) is a low cost regulated flyback power supply, based in a design that directly replaces multiples unregulated linear Power Supplies designs.

The Electronic transformer has an extremely no-load low consumption, high efficiency and advanced safety features like over-voltage, over-current and thermal protection.

Our designs use the same format of encapsulated transformers, so it is suitable to use in the same PCB space. Worldwide universal input, several standard single or multiple output voltages in different case formats.

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Power inverters Power inverters

Also so called inverter or ondulator, is an electronic circuit used to turn direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). The function of an inverter is to change the voltage of entry of direct current (it normally comes from a battery of 12 or 24 Vdc) to an alternate voltage of exit (normally tension of network (net) 110 or 230 Vac).

The inverters are in the habit of being composed of an oscillator that controls a transistor wich is used to interrupt the constant tension of entry and to generate a square wave. This square wave feeds a transformer that adapts the tension level wiched in the exit and a final filter smooth the waveform making it very similar to a pure sine wave. It is also possible to generate modified sine wave, wich is generated from three points: one positive, the negative one and one to ground. Modified since wave inverters can cause less efficiency especially when working with inductive loads.

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Chargers and adapters Chargers and adapters

Universal input voltage chargers covering from 3.5W to 7.5W

With the technology advances, the use of the switch mode power supplies have become essential in equipment with a high level of sophistication, very tolerant to over-voltages, sudden changes of supply voltage, over-currents, noise and so on. This type of regulated switch mode power supplies guarantees an equipment supply voltage of great quality.

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