EFITER is a culture and a way to create and share work, friendship and wealthy, and any success is considered the win of the will that coporativitzes at their accionist and their workers, their clients (manufacturers, distribuitors, tecnics, specialits, investigators, etc.) at their users and everybody who conforms it's whole family.

Our technology and enginyery of production garantize the exigences of quality and fiability that requires our clients. Our continous improvement assures the optimitzation of our products in innovation and costs, imporving our and our clients competivity.

Our departament of R+D+i can offer the optimum solution to the necessities of your projects, with a assesment job and collaboration in your new developments.

Switch Mode Power Supply

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is a low cost flyback power supply base design that directly replaces multiples unregulated linear Power Supplies designs.

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HR Reference Searcher

Efiter puts at your disposal our reference searcher.

Find the HR equivalent that will fit your needs.


Toroidal transformers

The toroidal transformers have a lot more advantages than the conventional and encapsulated ones. Their use is highly recommended due to their improvements in radiation, relation between volume and power, and assembly advantages.

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