Ensapsultated transformers - E4215177 model

External protection


EI 42/14,8

External protection

6.0 VA - 70ºC/Transformer

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Simple primary

Center tapped secondary



200 gr


Weight/bigbox (Units: 64)

12800 gr

HR Ref. Primary Sec. Sec. In



External protection Fuse
P1 P2 S1 S2 Is1 Is2

Sec. (F)


Prim. (T)


E4215177 115 V - 12.0 V 12.0 V 208.0 mA 208.0 mA 2x(15.6) V 2x(250.0) mA 80.0 mA

Technical characteristics:

  • Designed and manufactured according regulations EN61558 EN60590 EN60472 UL506 UL1585
  • Two-chamber coil
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Safety transformer class II / Protection index IP00 (For all models with no load voltage lower than 50V according to EN61558, and to 30V according to UL1585)
  • External protection with fuse (See suggested type at table)
  • Self-extinguishing plastic UL94-VO
  • Epoxy resin class F
  • Isolation: Prim./Sec. = 10 MOhm to 500 Vcc - Sec./Sec. = 2 MOhm to 500 Vcc
  • Dielectric strength Prim. / Sec. = 5 kV / 1min.
  • Secondary voltage tolerances 5%
  • Test at 100% of all electrical parameters in production
  • Reliability tests for production batch (life term)
  • Certificates of production test results (under request)
  • Certifications VDE, UL (E346974); others certifications under request: CSA, SEMKO